Complete Guide to IPL 2024 Rule Book: What’s New?

The IPL in 2024 will let bowlers throw two bouncers each over, not just one like before. This change follows what they did in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy earlier this year. It’s a big change for the players and fans. Now, bowlers have more chances to surprise batsmen with fast, bouncing balls.

In T20 cricket, only one short ball is allowed by ICC. But in Test and ODI matches, two bouncers are allowed. Laxmipathy Balaji, a former India bowler and coach, thinks this is a good idea. It gives fast bowlers more options. They can plan strategies against batsmen. It makes the game fairer for both bowlers and batsmen. Balaji believes it will make matches more exciting.

Balaji said the second bouncer’s important later in matches. Bowlers use yorkers in the end. Now, they have another choice. IPL has top fast bowlers. It will be fun to see them. BCCI keeps the rule of checking catches for stumpings.

Usually, umpires check stumpings. This is different from ICC rules. BCCI thinks it’s fair for fielding teams. It’s not fair without checking catches.

“If it looks like the bat touched the ball, while checking for stumping, the third umpire can’t give the batsman out. This would be unfair. So, the BCCI decided to keep the old rule.

Teams still get two referrals and can review wides and no balls. But there’s no stop clock rule in the IPL. This rule change in international games won’t apply.”

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