Google’s Sensational Contract with Israel Defense

Google helps Israel’s Defense Ministry with cloud computing. During the Gaza war, they decided to work even more closely. The Defense Ministry has a special entrance to Google Cloud. This helps them store data, use AI, and do other tasks securely.

The ministry asked Google for help with Google Cloud. They wanted to let “multiple units” use automation tech. The draft contract is from March 27, 2024. Google is charging over $1 million for the help.

The contract version wasn’t signed by Google or the Ministry of Defense. But on March 27, a Google worker commented on the document asking for a signed copy, saying the signatures would happen offline because it’s an Israel/Nimbus deal.

Google also gave the ministry a 15% discount on consulting fees because of the “Nimbus framework.”

Project Nimbus is a $1.2 billion deal between Israel, Google, and Amazon for cloud computing and AI. Google and Amazon can’t stop Israel from using their tech for certain things.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense is now known to be a customer of Google Cloud. Google says they’re mostly doing civilian stuff for Israel, like finance and healthcare. They say they’re not working on military or secret stuff. This info was shared on April 8 by a Google spokesperson.

“On April 10, someone from Google was asked about the Ministry of Defense contract. They didn’t want to say anything more about it. They didn’t give any extra details when asked.”

Google Cloud Contract with Israeli Military

Recent reports in Israeli media suggest the military, under the Ministry of Defense, might be using AI to choose targets for Gaza airstrikes. This AI system likely needs cloud computing to work.

The contract with Google Cloud doesn’t say if it’s for military use, and there’s no proof Google Cloud helps with targeting. Google workers mention they can’t really watch what customers, like Israel, do on the cloud.

The Ministry of Defense from Israel didn’t reply to requests for comment.

Israeli Ministry of Defense’s Cloud Project

The Israeli Ministry of Defense is working with Google Cloud on a project. It’s called “Phase 2” of a bigger plan. Phase 1 isn’t explained in detail, but it mentions Google’s previous work for the ministry. The ministry already has some Google Cloud infrastructure set up.

Now, for Phase 2, they want to expand it to serve more units and sub-units. Google will help with designing, guiding, and automating this expansion. Two Google employees recently quit to protest against “Project Nimbus.”

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