Persian New Year Nowruz 2024: Complete Google Doodle Coverage

Nowruz is the Persian New Year, celebrated on March 19. Google made a special Doodle for it.

Nowruz means “new day” in Persian. It starts spring and brings new beginnings. The Doodle showed Persian culture with flowers and special table settings. 

The table has seven items starting with “sin” in Farsi. They mean important things for the year ahead. Like renewal and rebirth. It’s a happy time for Persian people. They celebrate with family and friends.

Nowruz Brief:

Nowruz is an old festival from Iran. It’s about new beginnings in spring. Families put seven special things together. They mean good luck and fresh starts. There’s wheat, olives, berries, and more. Each has its meaning. It’s a happy time for families.

They celebrate with traditions and food. Nowruz brings people closer together and looks forward to it every year. It’s a time for love and joy. 

This doodle was made by Pendar Yousefi from Iran. He says, “I made this drawing recalling happy times during Nowruz from my early days. It’s about joy, being together, and hoping for good things. The animals in the picture are celebrating spring.

Even when times are tough, Nowruz gives hope for better days. I can almost hear their music and feel their happiness.”

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