Unconditional Denial: Peter Navarro’s Bid to Escape Prison Rejected

Peter Navarro, who worked for Donald J. Trump, may go to prison for not listening to Congress. He got a subpoena about the Capitol attack but ignored it. Now, a court says he must go to prison unless the Supreme Court helps. If not, he’ll go to jail in Miami on Tuesday. 

He’s the first Trump aide to face this. Navarro, 74, didn’t cooperate with the investigation about the 2020 election. He didn’t give the House committee documents or answers about his plan to stop the election. Navarro thought Trump told him not to talk. Now, he’s facing the consequences.

Mr. Navarro‘s lawyers say his case is new and could change laws about presidents and Congress. They mention Stephen K. Bannon, who faced similar charges but stayed free while appealing.

Court of Appeals: Peter Navarro

The Court of Appeals, though, didn’t agree. They said Mr. Navarro’s appeal didn’t raise big enough questions to change things. The judges wrote that he hadn’t proven his appeal could lead to changes.

The decision supports Judge Amit P. Mehta’s ruling. Earlier, Judge Mehta said Mr. Navarro couldn’t stay out of prison during his appeal. So, Mr. Navarro will likely go to prison unless something changes soon.

Navarro was sentenced to prison for not following a subpoena from Congress about the Capitol attack. He didn’t have to share everything, but he needed to talk about some things. Navarro couldn’t just say he couldn’t talk at all. He needed to share some information.

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