Shohei Ohtani Devastated By Mizuhara’s Gambling Accusations

Baseball star Shohei Ohtani was surprised to hear about his interpreter’s involvement in gambling and theft. The Dodgers fired Ippei Mizuhara after learning about it. Ohtani feels sad and shocked by the news.

His representatives said they found out about a big theft against Ohtani. They’re reporting it to the authorities. Shohei Ohtani didn’t know about Mizuhara’s actions until recently. It’s a tough situation for him.

Shohei Ohtani Addresses Allegations

During a press conference on MLB Network, Ohtani said he never bet on sports. He accused someone named Ippei of stealing his money and telling lies. Ohtani feels shocked and can’t explain how he feels. His lawyers suggested involving the authorities because it’s theft and fraud. He’s helping with the investigations.

Ohtani said his lawyers will handle it. He’ll focus on the game and look forward to the season. He didn’t take questions from the media. The remarks lasted about 10 minutes.

Manager Dave Roberts welcomed Ohtani’s plan to speak out. “It’s good. It’s the right thing to do,” Roberts said. Ohtani, a two-time MVP, signed a $700 million deal with the Dodgers. Roberts thinks Ohtani’s words will bring clarity. He wants Ohtani to share his thoughts. The team and fans are eager to hear from him.

Investigation Underway in Gambling Allegations

Investigations continue regarding allegations of illegal gambling involving Ippei Mizuhara and Mathew Bowyer. Mizuhara reportedly accrued significant debts with an illegal gambling ring allegedly operated by Bowyer. However, neither has faced charges yet.

The IRS’s criminal investigation division in Los Angeles is also looking into the matter. While sports gambling is illegal in California, federal charges may include money laundering and fraud.

Major League Baseball (MLB) is starting its own investigation. Mizuhara denies betting on baseball, focusing instead on international soccer. MLB’s Rule 21 addresses gambling misconduct, allowing the commissioner to determine suitable penalties based on the circumstances.

Interpreter’s Alleged Change of Story

The interpreter changed his story about how his betting losses were covered. Initially, he said Ohtani paid off his debts. Later, he admitted he lied, saying Ohtani knew nothing about his gambling debts.

This left a key question unanswered: why did he change his account? Thompson interviewed him and learned about the change. Ohtani’s lawyers say he was a victim of theft.

Meet Ippei Mizuhara: Shohei Ohtani’s Best Buddy

Ippei Mizuhara grew up near Anaheim and attended Diamond Bar High School and UC Riverside. However, some question whether he actually attended UC Riverside.

Shohei Ohtani Devastated By Mizuhara's Gambling And Theft Accusations

Mizuhara, 39, met Ohtani, 29, in Japan while Ohtani played for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. Mizuhara was a translator for the team.

When Ohtani moved to the MLB, he asked Mizuhara to be his interpreter. They’ve been close ever since, with Mizuhara often seen with Ohtani, even catching behind him in the 2021 All-Star Game home run derby.

Shohei Ohtani’s Surprise Speech

Shohei Ohtani usually speaks Japanese at public events, but he surprised everyone last night. He accepted his MVP award in English. Ohtani, a baseball superstar, usually has his interpreter with him. However, he confidently delivered his entire speech in English, which delighted his fans. It was a cool moment for Ohtani and a big hit with fans.

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