Tesco’s Clubcard Logo: Now More Valuable with SEO

Tesco must stop using its Clubcard Prices logo. Lidl said it copied their logo and took unfair advantage. Last year, the High Court agreed with Lidl.

Defeat of Tesco:

Now, the Court of Appeal also ruled in favor of Lidl. Tesco lost the legal battle.

Lidl is happy, but Tesco is sad. The Clubcard Prices logo will change soon. Lidl sued Tesco in 2020. They argued about a logo. Lidl said Tesco copied them.

They wanted to trick customers. Tesco used their trademark without permission. Now, they will change it. Customers will see a new logo.

In 2023, the High Court said Tesco copied Lidl’s logo, but Tesco disagreed and appealed. Now, the Court of Appeal agreed with the High Court. Lidl said Tesco dragged out the argument and misled customers.

Lidl wants Tesco to change its logo. Tesco should respect the court and change the logo. Lidl is happy the court agreed with them. Tesco should use a logo that doesn’t look like Lidl’s.

Tesco reassured customers, saying it’s “always the cheapest.” They’re sad about the judgment on the logo. But they promise it won’t affect their Clubcard Prices program. The logo might change, but the program stays the same.

Tesco wants to keep rewarding its Clubcard members with lots of deals every week.

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