Daring Forecast: CDOT’s Startling Warning for Colorado Springs Winter Storm

A big winter storm is coming to Colorado. The highways might close, like Interstate 25 and I-70. The snow could be up to four feet deep in some places. The Colorado Department of Transportation is getting ready. They want everyone to stay safe.

Officials say, “Stay off roads until Friday,” due to Thursday’s expected storm peak. Meteorologist Alan Rose predicts snow starting around lunchtime Wednesday.

Colorado Storm Prediction

Rose predicts rain and snow for the I-25 corridor by mid to late afternoon Thursday. The storm will be strong, with thunderstorms possible. Snow could accumulate 6 to 12 inches by Thursday morning in the mountains.

Colorado Springs will see rain changing to snow Wednesday night. Snowfall could reach 8 to 16 inches in Colorado Springs and 16 to 26 inches in Monument. Woodland Park may get 20 to 30 inches of snow. Thursday will be the worst day of the storm.

Daring Forecast: CDOT's Startling Warning for Colorado Springs Winter Storm

National Weather Service 

The National Weather Service predicts up to 9 inches of snow in parts of Colorado Springs. Higher elevations, like Black Forest and Monument, might get over a foot. Strong winds are expected Thursday morning through early afternoon, making driving dangerous. Interstate 25 between Castle Rock and Colorado Springs might need to close.

Chris Howard, Colorado Springs’ “pm snow manager,” says crews are ready. They’ll start clearing the streets when the snow begins. Howard checks the equipment to make sure it’s working before they head out. The sky is getting darker, and it’s starting to get colder.

What To Do

Traffic officials ask people to stay off roads during the upcoming winter storm if possible. If driving, slow down. CDOT warns of a major winter storm in the Front Range. Snow accumulation may happen slowly, but roads can become dangerous quickly. Drivers need to adjust to winter conditions again. March storms can be challenging, especially after warm weather. It’s important to drive safely during the storm.

Major highways in Colorado, like I-25 and I-70, will close due to a storm. Workers are asked to stay home. Drivers should slow down and be prepared with emergency supplies. Colorado often gets big storms in March. CDOT reminds people to be ready for winter weather.

Daring Forecast: CDOT's Startling Warning for Colorado Springs Winter Storm

Roads can’t be treated before the storm. The storm will hit the Front Range and mountains hardest. Drivers must remember winter safety tips. March storms bring unique challenges. Safety is important during snowy weather.

Major roads like I-70 and U.S. 285 might close due to heavy snow. Crews are ready to handle the storm. They’ll work long shifts until roads are safe. Drivers should avoid traveling if possible.

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