Amazing 4/20: Origin, Celebration, And Rich Cannabis Process

Saturday is April 20th, the big day for marijuana fans around the world. They’ll gather and light up together for 4/20.

It’s a yearly party celebrating weed and pushing for its legalization where it’s banned. People from different places join in to show support for marijuana and its legal status.

What is 4/20?

4/20 is a special day celebrated on April 20th. People celebrate it because they love cannabis. The date 4/20 is easy to remember because it matches the month and day. This celebration started in California in the 1970s.

4/20 Explained: Origins, Traditions, and All You Need to Know
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Origins of 4/20

In the 1970s, a group of friends from San Rafael High School in California started using the term “420”. They were Steve, Dave, Jeffrey, Larry, and Mark. They called themselves “the Waldos”.

One of their friends had a secret weed patch in the woods near Point Reyes. He was worried about getting caught, so he gave them a map to find it.

Every day after school at 4:20pm, they met at a statue of Louis Pasteur, smoked a joint, and looked for the weed patch. They never found it, but “420” became their secret code.

The Waldos kept letters and stuff from the 1970s with “420” on them. The Oxford English Dictionary added “420” in 2017, using their stuff as proof.

One of the Waldos had a brother who was friends with Phil Lesh from the Grateful Dead. They hung out with the band, and “420” spread from there.

An inflatable shaped like a joint is tossed above the crowd / Image Source- Globalnews

In the early 1990s, Steve Bloom, a reporter for a magazine about cannabis called High Times, went to a concert by the band the Grateful Dead. He got a flier there.

It was suggested to gather at 4:20 on April 20th for smoking marijuana at the sunset spot on Bolinas Ridge in Marin County on Mt. Tamalpais.” High Times published it.

“It’s a big thing,” said Steve Capper, one of the Waldos who came up with the term. He’s 69 now. “Many trends fade away over time, but this one endures. It’s not like someone will say, ‘Let’s celebrate Cannabis New Year’s on June 23rd now.'”

The Waldos thought of “420,” but the people who made the flier that spread the idea of 4/20 as a holiday are still unknown.

How 4/20 Is Celebrated ?

  • Celebrations worldwide:

People all over the world celebrate 4/20 by smoking cannabis. In London, there’s a big gathering in Hyde Park where thousands meet up. They smoke and protest against UK laws on cannabis.

  • In the US:

In the US, where 4/20 started, there are organized rallies in states like Colorado, California, Michigan, and Florida. Denver’s Mile High 420 Festival is huge, drawing thousands. San Francisco’s Hippie Hill also used to be big, but it was canceled this year.

  • College and state house celebrations:

Even colleges and statehouses have 4/20 parties. The University of Colorado Boulder used to have a big one, but it’s not as big anymore since it got banned over ten years ago.

  • Special beers:

Some breweries make 4/20-themed beers. SweetWater Brewing in Atlanta is having a music festival. Lagunitas Brewing in California releases “Waldos’ Special Ale” every year on 4/20. It’s made with hops that taste like marijuana.

  • Industry event:

4/20 has become a big industry event too. Vendors gather to show off their products and try each other’s stuff.

Highest CBD Cannabis Preparations

The cannabis with the most CBD is usually made from special plants bred to have high CBD. Strains like Charlotte’s Web, Harlequin, and ACDC are examples.They are chosen for their CBD content.

CBD is known for its calming effects. People often seek these strains for medical reasons. They may be used for pain relief or anxiety management. Charlotte’s Web, Harlequin, and ACDC are popular choices. They’re preferred for their high CBD levels. These strains are cultivated specifically for this purpose.

Some people find them helpful for various health issues.

Overall, these strains offer a higher concentration of CBD. They are favored by those seeking its therapeutic benefits.


1. How Cannabinoids Affect Your Body?

Cannabinoids, like opioids, work by talking to special parts in your brain. They help cells talk to each other better. This happens in many places in your brain and nerves.

2. Are Cannabis and Weed the Same?

Cannabis is the plant’s name. Weed, marijuana, and hash come from it. People often use these words interchangeably. The Opium Act uses ‘hemp’ and ‘cannabis’.

3. How Cannabis Helps the Elderly?

Cannabis might help older people by calming them down. It works by adjusting chemicals in the brain, reducing brain swelling, and fixing sleep problems common in dementia. Experts believe cannabis connects with certain parts of the brain linked to dementia agitation.

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