Drake’s Daring Move: ‘Push Ups’ Now on Streaming Platforms

Last weekend, Drake leaked a diss track about Kendrick Lamar, stirring up the internet. Now, he’s officially dropped the studio version of “Push Ups” on streaming platforms.

The album cover includes a nod to Lamar’s “Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers” with a shoe-size gauge, echoing Drake’s lyrical question about the paradox of appearing tough while wearing small shoes, particularly Lamar’s size-seven men’s shoes.


Drake’s song “Push Ups” caused a stir on social media. It sounded like an early version leaked, using a sample from Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s “Get Money.” Later, a better-quality version with a new beat surfaced. People wondered if it was real or made by A.I.

Hip Hop Drama Unfolds

Soon after, he seemed to confirm its truth by sharing an image from “Kill Bill” on his Instagram story. The picture showed Uma Thurman wielding a sword against a group of men. 

The track “Push Ups” sparked a big debate and got a quick response from Rick Ross, who was dissed in the song. He dropped “Champagne Moments” just hours after Drake’s track came out. Ross claimed Drake had a nose job and even trolled him by performing in a hoodie with Drake’s face on it. 

It all began when J. Cole included Lamar in “the big three” on “First Person Shooter,” a collab with Drake from last year’s “For All the Dogs.” Lamar didn’t like being called that and hit back at both rappers with a surprise appearance on “Like That,” which was on Future and Metro’s “We Don’t Trust You” released last month.

J. Cole was the first to react. He added the song “7 Minute Drill” to his surprise album “Might Delete Later.” But then he changed his mind. He said it was the “lamest shit I ever did.” Just a week later, he took the song off streaming services.

Kendrick vs. Drake: What’s Up?

Drake's Daring Move: 'Push Ups' Now on Streaming Platforms
Image Source- GQ

Kendrick and Drake got into it after Kendrick dissed Drake in his song “First Person Shooter.” Drake hit back with his own diss but then said sorry later. But things got heated again when Kendrick showed up on Future and Metro’s next album.

Drake’s Early Life

Drake grew up in Toronto, Ontario. His dad was a musician from Memphis, Tennessee, and his mom was a teacher. They met in Toronto. Drake moved between Toronto and Memphis after his parents split.

Drake’s Beginnings

Drake started his journey by acting in a show called Degrassi: The Next Generation. Then, he began making music in 2006. His debut album was titled “Room for Improvement.” 

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