Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day: Secure Your Free Scoop Tuesday

Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s

Today, Ben & Jerry’s is offering free cones to customers.The company wants to serve 1 million scoops this year. Last year, the promotion came back after four years. It started in 1979 to thank fans for their support.

“It was a delight to witness the return of our supporters to our stores. They were so happy for Free Cone Day! Our CEO, Dave Stever, was there last year in Vermont. He gave out ice cream. We gave out over 970,000 scoops worldwide. But we want to give even more. We can break 1 million scoops together with our fans!”

Ben & Jerry’s fans can try different flavors. They can go back in line as much as they want. Ben & Jerry’s wants fans to enjoy the flavors. They can try again and again. So, fans should get back in line. They can taste all the available flavors. It’s a fun experience for fans.They’re free to relish it to their heart’s content.

If you want to find a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop nearby

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