Sure Fire Disaster: Iconic Exchange Building in Flames

Fire Engulfs Copenhagen’s Historic Stock Exchange

A fire has swept through Copenhagen’s old stock exchange, a famous building in Denmark’s capital. The fire caused the spire to collapse onto the roof. This historic building, also called Borsen, was being renovated when the fire started on Tuesday.

Ambulances hurried to the scene. Huge clouds of smoke filled central Copenhagen. But, no one got hurt, at least not right away. The reason for the fire wasn’t clear at first. 

They mentioned that this building was utilized by the Danish Chamber of Commerce. They’d been there recently. They called it a terrible sight.

Fire at Historic Stock Exchange

A fire broke out at the old stock exchange building. People were seen carrying away valuable items, like paintings. One famous painting, “From Copenhagen Stock Exchange” by P S Kroyer, was saved by several people.

People carrying painting after fire broke out
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The Culture Minister said it was heartwarming to see passersby helping save art treasures. Emergency services were assisted in rescuing iconic images from the burning building.

Police evacuated nearby buildings, including the Ministry of Finance. The Danish parliament’s annex, located behind the stock exchange, was also evacuated.

The building, completed in 1625, was undergoing renovations to restore its original appearance. Its unique spire, shaped like the tails of four dragons twisted together, stood at 56 meters tall.

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