Worry: FSSAI Allegations of Sugar in Nestle Baby Products

The Consumer Affairs Ministry asked FSSAI to check Nestle’s baby cereal. They want to know about the sugar in Cerelac. Nidhi Khare, head of CCPA, said they wrote to FSSAI about it. They read a report about Nestle’s product. The report talked about more sugar. They want to look into it.

The Secretary said high sugar in baby stuff is worrying for kids’ health. She said the health of our citizens, especially babies, is super important. If safety rules aren’t followed, it could cause big health problems. Ms. Khare said they asked FSSAI to check Nestle’s Cerelac baby cereals in India.

NCPCR Calls for Investigation

The NCPCR wants to look into this too. They’ve asked FSSAI about it.

A group called Public Eye and IBFAN found something. They say Nestle sold baby stuff with more sugar in poorer countries like India, Africa, and Latin America.

That’s different from Europe.

Nestle India Stands Firm on Compliance

Nestle India never breaks the rules. They’ve cut down on sugar in baby food by 30% in India over five years. The company always follows the rules, they won’t ever break them. They make sure their products follow strict standards set by the WHO and FAO.

In the UK and Germany, their baby food has no added sugar. But in India, it’s different. Some Cerelac products in India have added sugar. The highest was 6 grams in Thailand. In the Philippines, some had 7.3 grams, not even mentioned on the packaging. 

FSSAI License Validity

The FSSAI license lasts for 1 to 5 years. After that, it needs renewal to keep doing business. If not renewed, there are penalties.

Understanding Food Safety and FSSAI License

What is Food Safety?

Food safety means making sure food is safe to eat. It involves how we handle, cook, and store food to keep it from making us sick.

Who Needs an FSSAI License?

Anyone who sells food, including pharmacies and stores selling health supplements, must get a license from FSSAI.

The Beginning of Nestlé

In 1867, a man named Henri Nestlé started Nestlé. He was a pharmacist from Germany. He made something called ‘farine lactée’ in Switzerland. It was made of milk, flour, and sugar. He made it for babies who couldn’t breastfeed. He wanted to help babies live longer.

Nestle India’s Shares Drop

Nestle India’s shares fell 5.4% on Thursday. They went down to Rs 2,409.55 on BSE. This happened because it was found that they added sugar to baby food in India but not in Europe or the UK. The health ministry got worried. This was the worst drop for Nestle in 3 years.

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