Mandisa’s Unusual Exit: American Idol Star Dies At 47

Mandisa, the singer from American Idol, has died. She was 47. Mandisa, also known as Mandisa Lynn Hundley, was found dead at her home in Nashville, TN, on April 18. We don’t know why she died. K-Love, a Christian radio station, confirmed her death.

David Pierce, the Chief Media Officer, said Mandisa loved Jesus. She always talked about Him. Mandisa was kind, with a big smile and a powerful voice. But her heart was even bigger.

“Mandisa had a hard time, and she told us about it. That helped us talk about our own hard times. Mandisa’s hard times are done now. 

She’s with the God she sang about. We’re sad, but Mandisa is home. 

We’re praying for Mandisa’s family and friends, and we want you to pray with us.”

In 2017, Mandisa talked openly about her struggle with feeling very sad after her close friend died from breast cancer. She said she even thought about ending her own life. 

“It got really bad.” I came close to doing something very regrettable,” she admitted during her interview on Good Morning America.

“I was on the verge of heeding the call that whispered, ‘It’s time to join Jesus, Mandisa.'”

She said, “It almost happened. But God helped me. He saved me, really.”

Mandisa's Unusual Exit: American Idol Star Dies At 47
Mandisa appeared on season five of American Idol
Image Source- Hellomagazine

Mandisa’s American Idol Journey:

Mandisa was on American Idol in 2005. She came ninth. Then, she did Christian music. Simon Cowell was a judge. He made a mean comment about Mandisa’s weight. People got mad.

Simon said something mean on camera. He asked if they needed a bigger stage.Mandisa felt hurt. She cried. It was painful. But she forgave Simon. She didn’t need an apology.

Mandisa’s message to Simon: “You hurt me. I cried. It was painful. But I forgive you.”

Mandisa's Unusual Exit: American Idol Star Dies At 47
Simon apologized for his negative remarks about Mandisa’s weight / Image Source- Hellomagazine

Mandisa said, “If Jesus could forgive me, I can forgive you too.” Simon felt sorry and said sorry for being bad. In May 2007, Mandisa’s first song, Only the World, came out. A few months later, her first album, True Beauty, came out. Mandisa made history by being the first new woman singer to start at number one on the Top Christian Album charts.

Mandisa’s Music Achievements

Mandisa's Unusual Exit: American Idol Star Dies At 47
Mandisa won a Grammy in 2014 / Image Source- Hellomagazine

Mandisa got nominated for a Grammy for her album True Beauty. She won a Grammy in 2014 for her album Overcomer. She made six albums in total. Her latest album came out in 2017 and it’s called Out of The Dark.

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