Gemini AI Licensing: Know Fantastic Apple, Google’s Sensational Discussion

Apple talks to Google about using AI. Google stock up. Google’s chatbot, powered by Gemini, caused issues. Apple considers Gemini for iPhones. Gemini is an AI model. Apple wants it.

Google stock went up 5.2% to 148.50 early. Apple stock rose 0.9% to 174.23. Apple plans to use Gemini AI for new iPhone features, Bloomberg said.

Google stock won big by joining Apple’s system, gaining access to many users. Apple benefits from tech to enhance AI in future iPhones. Talks with OpenAI also signal Apple’s AI ambitions. Microsoft’s stake in OpenAI affects its stock, dipping slightly.

Apple might make AI that understands what people want. They’re working on it. It might create text, images, video, and code. Many people wonder about Apple’s plans for this.

Apple and Google’s AI Stories: Gemini

Apple plans to boost iPhones with AI for better user experience. Analysts say AI on iPhones could be a big change. Google faced issues with biased responses from its chatbot. The chatbot made inaccurate depictions, causing concerns. Google’s CEO called the biased responses “unacceptable.”

These issues arose as Google trained its AI for diversity. They stopped users from generating certain images. Apple’s AI strategy might uplift iPhone experiences. Google aims to fix biases in its chatbot. Both companies work to improve AI.

Google’s Payments to Apple under Scrutiny

The government says Google controls internet search. It pays Apple to be on iPhones. The Justice Department is deciding. They’re looking at Google’s payments to Apple. They might be breaking antitrust laws. We have to wait and see.

Google Stock Update:

Google stock went up 1% in 2024. It’s close to its 50-day moving average. If it surpasses 143.59, it could be a good buy opportunity, with a 153.78 consolidation point. Apple stock dropped 10% this year.

Google Cloud Event: 

Google hosts Cloud Next from April 9 to 11. They’ll talk about AI. 

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