Kerr story: The Unusual Strategy That Saved the Warriors

Warriors’ Season Turnaround

The Warriors had a big game against the Kings to stay in the competition. Coach Kerr is happy with how Green, Thompson, Curry, and Wiggins played.

Kerr talked to the media before the game. He said the team feels good.

“Our guys are feeling good,” Kerr said. “In the second half of the season, we did well. Our record was good, and we played well in both offense and defense. We looked like a good team.”

He mentioned that some players had a tough start. Wiggins and Thompson struggled, and Green had a suspension.

Kerr said he was happy with how the team came together. He said they started slow but got better later. Green and Thompson improved a lot in the second half. Golden State did well since the All-Star break.

Kerr said the team feels relaxed now. He thinks Green and Thompson are doing well. They help others feel good too. The team has good chemistry. Green has been a good mentor for young players lately.

The Warriors started slow, but now they’re feeling good. They need to win two games to make the playoffs. Kerr believes in karma and the team’s good vibe. He thinks Draymond and Klay’s mindset improved, which helped the team.

Kerr says Draymond and Klay are like stars in the Hall of Fame. They’ve won four championships with Steph and Andre. The team’s foundation is Steph, Klay, and Draymond.

Kerr says they weren’t right emotionally at the start of the season. When they got better, the whole team did too. Defense got way better, especially with Draymond. His teammates feel his impact. Draymond’s been great in the second half of the season.

Golden State had a tough start, not playing well regularly. They fell behind other top teams in the West. But later, they got better. Thompson and Green played much better.

The Warriors finished the season strong. But they couldn’t catch up enough. So, they ended up as the 10th seed. They now need to win two play-in games to get the 8th seed. Then they can play a best-of-seven series against Oklahoma City Thunder.

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