Uber Driver’s Death Leads To Murder Charge Against Ohio Man

An old man from Ohio is accused of killing a woman who was working as an Uber driver. William Brock, who is 81 years old, shot Loletha Hall on March 25. He thought she was helping a scammer and trying to get money from him. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office is the one saying this.

Brock shot Hall, 61. He shot her multiple times outside her home in South Charleston. The police said this in a report. They took her to the hospital quickly, but she died there.

What Led to the  Uber Driver Murder?

Brock thought a family member was in trouble. Someone called him, saying they needed money for bail. Brock refused and got threatened.

When Hall came in her Uber, Brock got scared. He thought she was connected to the caller and might hurt him and his family.

Brock called 911 after he shot Hall. He was afraid for his safety.

Police released a video showing Brock confronting Hall outside his house.

“Mr. Brock got a scam call. The caller said a family member was in jail and needed bail money. Later, they said they had the family member hostage and demanded ransom.

Hall went to Brock’s house for an Uber delivery. Brock took her phone and wouldn’t let her leave.

He shot her once when she tried to escape. Then they argued, and he shot her two more times. Only after that did he call the police.

The sheriff’s office and court records say Hall didn’t threaten Brock or have a weapon.”

Uber expressed condolences to Hall’s family, calling the event a terrible tragedy. They assured support for the investigation and cooperation with law enforcement.

Brock was charged with murder in Clark County Court and later released on a $200,000 bond. If found guilty, he faces 15 years to life in prison or a $15,000 fine.

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