MacKenzie Scott’s Daring $640M Gift Sparks Love and Hope

Mackenzie Scott, who co-founded Amazon, gave $640 million to 361 groups. She aims to donate most of her wealth. Back in 2019, she promised to give a lot of her money away. By 2022, she’d already given about $12 billion to over 1,200 organizations.

She used Yield Giving for this. Scott let groups apply for her help. The focus was on aiding those in great need across the U.S. This was a new approach for her. She set up a way for organizations to ask for help directly.

Scott said on her website that 6,000 groups applied for help. Out of those, 361 were picked. These groups help people who struggle with money or face unfair treatment. They were chosen because other groups said they do great work.

Originally, they planned to give 250 awards of $1 million. But because of the amazing work, they decided to give more awards and money. This shows how much they appreciate the hard work these groups do to help others.

Mackenzie Scott’s Generous Donations

MacKenzie Scott gave money to lots of groups. The top ones got $2 million each. The next group got $1 million each. There are 361 groups in total. They help with many different things. She gave nearly $4 billion in nine months and helped with climate, education, and Ukraine.

She also gave $122 to Big Brothers Big Sisters. This happened in March 2022. The groups are all over the USA. They do different things to help people.

About Mackenzie Scott

MacKenzie Scott used to be married to Jeff Bezos from Amazon. They got married in 1993 but divorced in 2019. They have four kids. Scott married Dan Jewett, a teacher, in 2021, but they also got divorced. She writes books and won an award in 2006. She’s really rich, ranked 40th in the world.

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