Max Verstappen’s Red Bull In Flames: His Startling Reaction

A driver won lots of races. His car broke. He felt sad. It happened during the Australian Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen was calm after the race. His car’s brake got stuck, making it hard to drive. The brake temperature kept going up. The car felt strange and difficult to control. Verstappen was happy before the race started.

But when it began, the brake trouble started. The car was fine on the way to the grid. But once the race began, the brake problem made it tough to drive. Verstappen explained the issue to Sky Sports F1. He had to retire, ending his streak.

Verstappen’s Race Retirements

Verstappen stayed calm, even when asked why. He said he felt excited but wanted to win. He knew a retirement would happen eventually, and today was that day.

Verstappen laughed when reminded of both him and Hamilton retiring. He said, “Stuff happens, right?”

He felt disappointed about not finishing the race. Verstappen thought they had a good chance to win. The car felt good on the grid laps.


Max Verstappen's Red Bull Engulfed In Flames: His Startling Reaction


Verstappen said he felt good after the race, but some things can’t be controlled. He didn’t mind missing a record, only cared about winning the championship. In his interview, he patiently answered many similar questions.

Verstappen said he feels good with the car, wants a good weekend. He won’t talk about upgrades, just hinted they’ll be there. His retirement isn’t a big deal. He still leads the championship. Perez didn’t do great.

Verstappen leads by four points. Leclerc is close. Perez is just behind. Sainz is far behind. Verstappen wants to do well in the next race.

Red Bull will check before Suzuka. Verstappen trusts they’ll fix it. The RB20 helps him stay calm. He’s had worse DNFs before. Sainz passed him, but his car was broken. Verstappen knows his car is best. He can win the championship. He’s mature and trusts his team. It’s a big test for him. Verstappen is an amazing driver.

What is Max Verstappen’s Age:

Max Verstappen was born on September 30, 1997, in Belgium. His parents, Jos and Sophie, separated when he was young, so he lived with his dad.

When Did Max Verstappen Start F1?

He started Formula One at 17 years and 166 days old. The youngest driver at the 2015 Australian Grand Prix.

Age Limit in F1:

You have to be at least 18 years old to race in F1, but there’s no maximum age. People say you’re at your best physically around 30 to 33 years old.

Max Verstappen’s Money:

Max Verstappen is worth around $210 million. He made most of his money from racing and deals. Deals with companies like Electronic Arts and Heineken.

Max Verstappen’s Wife:

Max Verstappen’s wife is Kelly Piquet. She was born in Germany in 1988 and lived in different countries during her life. They visited Brazil together in 2021 with their daughter Penelope.

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