Easy Victory: Trump judge allows Fani Willis on election case

The Georgia judge in charge of Donald Trump’s trial said lead prosecutor Fani Willis can stay. However, she must remove a deputy she’s close to. Judge Scott McAfee’s decision disappoints Donald, who faces four criminal cases. He wants to delay trials until after the election.

Willis faced challenges due to her relationship with Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor she appointed. Their romance was revealed in a court filing by a Trump co-defendant.

Defense lawyers said the relationship was wrong and made Willis and Wade rich. They went on vacations together. McAfee said there was no real problem, but Willis should avoid looking bad.

Trump says he didn’t do anything wrong. He’s accused of trying to change the Georgia election results. The Supreme Court will look at Donalds’s case about election rules. This might push back the trial until later.

Judge Verdict on Trump’s trial

The judge might delay Donald’s trial in New York because prosecutors gave lots of new evidence. Willis and Wade said their relationship started after Wade got hired. Prosecutors said the affair didn’t hurt the defendants. Trump’s lawyers accused prosecutors of lying, saying the affair started before Wade got hired.

Donald’s lawyer showed phone data suggesting Wade visited Willis before his hiring. Donald T. also faces charges in Florida for mishandling classified documents after leaving office. The judge in that case will decide if Donald’s trial date should be changed.

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