US Defeats Most Iranian Missiles, Not Israel: Report

US Defeats Iranian Missiles

Most of Iran’s missiles and drones aimed at Israel on April 13 were stopped by the United States, not Israel. A report on the attack data said US forces destroyed over half before they could reach Israel.

US military officials, talking to The Intercept, revealed that American aircraft and missiles took down most of them.

Iran launched an assault on Israel employing more than 300 missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.Israel’s allies, including the US, Jordan, France, and Britain, helped intercept more than 99% of the weapons.

US military sources estimate that half of Iran’s weapons had technical issues. The US destroyed over 80 of the remaining missiles.

The US Central Command destroyed over 80 one-way attack drones and six ballistic missiles aimed at Israel. They didn’t say where they stopped them. A military installation of the United States is situated within Saudi Arabia.(PRINCE SULTAN AIR BASE)

The Israel Defense Forces stopped around 25 cruise missiles using fighter jets outside Israel.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) stopped some Iranian missiles. The Jordanian government hinted at downing more Iranian weapons, but didn’t give exact numbers.

Iran launched many drones, missiles, and cruise missiles. They sent 330 drones, low-flying cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles. The types included 30 Paveh cruise missiles, about 180 Shahed drones, and 120 Emad missiles.

These were all sent from Iran, but some missiles came from Yemen. Iran said they did it because of an airstrike on their consulate in Syria by Israel.

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